Select non-planar curves

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I opened the discussion Surface Closest Point, multiple surfaces and it was quickly solved. Today I have a very similar problem. The only difference is the type of curves and surfaces: they are NON-planar.

So the problem is the following: I’ve a non-planar surface and multiple offset curves. I have to select only the curves inside the surface. But, when I use surface closest point component, it isn’t able to recognise the curves inside the surface (from the panel no curve is equal to 0, image below).

I tried with the points inside curves component too, but I had a similar problem.

How can I solve this problem?

P.S. I used pufferfish plugin (84.8 KB)

Too bad about that, is it necessary? Without that plugin, your code doesn’t work.

I see that you divides the offset curves to create polylines and then used their mid-points, which could explain why the distances are not zero?

P.S. If the plugin is required, you could internalize its output?

This could be a way… (84.6 KB)

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I used a pufferfish component because allows me to have both sides of the offset (inner and outer curves). I don’t know if there’s another solution to avoid a plugin.

Anyway here is the file with the internalised curves (even if you can still see the offset component)

I upload the folder with the plugin, too. (128.0 KB)
Pufferfish3-0.gha (7.2 MB)

Super thank you!

I’ll try to apply it in more complex geometry to check if still work (in this topic I simplified my original problem), but seems like a very good solution!

just provide a negative and a positive value at the same time

There is, as @Baris suggested.

I know where to find Pufferfish, I choose to avoid most plugins. You probably should remove that.

thank you guys for all the suggestions!!!