What is the term for what Grasshoper is? script parametric CAD Modeller?

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I have to define what a grasshopper is in an academic way. Does anyone know how to define it correctly, preferably in German?
I haven’t found a standard or anything like that to solve this.
Rhino would be referred to as a CAD software or CAD modeler, I think. With Grasshopper I can’t think of anything suitable for this and I can’t find anything.

Visual (graphic) programming interface for Rhino…



I think the first line from Wikipedia is pretty good:

Grasshopper is a visual programming language (Visuelle Programmiersprache) and environment that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D computer-aided design (CAD) application._

Nodal programming is the term used for software tools that use blocks or nodes to create code. Another example of this is the MIT App Inventor programming tool which is based on the earlier Scratch software that was/is used to teach program logic to elementary school students.

So I’d call Grasshopper a nodal programming interface (or front-end) for Rhino.

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There was also a very good discussion here that you may find useful.

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This was the first source I went to, but it doesn’t really sound accurate.

Thanks, that is a good explanation, but mor in the “civilian” direction.
I’m looking for the specalist term (“Fachwort” in German)

Maybe that’s what I’m looking for
“Grasshopper is nodal programming interface (or front-end) for Rhino”

If I translate it, it sounds a bit uncommon…
“Grasshopper ist eine nodale Programmierschnittstelle (oder Front-End) für Rhino”

And there is no German Wiki about Grasshopper…

If you are after a definition in German you could use the description the gh primer in German uses.

“Grasshopper ist ein graphischer Algorithmeneditor“ oder „Grasshopper ist ein visueller Programmeditor„



// Mist, da hätte ich auch selbst drauf kommen können… :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much, that’s the best description at the moment.

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:smiley: Gerne! Zusätzlich noch irgendwie ne Umschreibung für node based würde gh zwar noch mehr gerecht, aber im Deutschen hört sich das alles immer so doof und zu lang an.

“nodaler Programmeditor” wäre kurz, aber “nodaler” dann ein Neologismus und wer versteht das dann noch…