What is the pathmapper doing here

Namaste All,
Can someone please shed some light on what the pathmapper is doing in this def.
Canvas at 16;11;57
why is it taking the last item in the list and putting it in the specified index no. and keeping the rest as null.

This is strictly a guess, I’m not an expert of that component.
I think the input statement {A;B;C} refers to each list of item contain in eachof the branches of your input tree. And the output statement {A;C}(1) refers to the second item of every branch of your output tree, where we don’t want to have the B level anymore.
My guess is that for every input branch, it writes every item of each list in the second position of the new corresponding branch but at every step it replaces the previous written item. That’s why you only get the last item of each list, because it’s the last read an written for each input branch.

And as long as you don’t give any instruction to put values in the 0 position of output list, it remains null.

What are you trying to achieve exactly ? What’s the structure you’d like to output ?
There is a pretty helpful documentation on that component, access it by right-clicking on it.

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Thankyou. I was not trying anything in particular, was trying to understand what the component was doing under the hood. :slight_smile: