Path-mapper: Flatten sub-branch without loosing information

Hi there.
I have been trying to flatten the B-Level of my data-tree using the path mapper.
What I would like to achieve is to get the {A;B}(i) into {A}(i) Tree-structure without loosing some of the information.
In other words: the 2 points of {0;0} and the 2 points {0;1} should be
together in {0} in the path mapper output.
If I type “{A;B}(i)–>{A}(i)” or “{A;B}(i)–>{A;0}(i)” it culls some of the points.

Could someone give me a hint what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Found the answer myself. It is fairly simple though.
To flatten the sub-branch it is enough to type “{A;B}–>{A}”.
Oddly enough “{A;B}(i)–>{A}(i)” doesnt work which I don’t understand why.

Ditch the (i). You keep overwriting the two items because i is only ever zero and then one, and then zero again.

{A;B} -> {A}

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