What is the easiest way to create "markings" on multiple surfaces that will keep their position through flattening and printing?

I am using Rhino to create textile patterns. The design unrolls, gets printed to a paper pattern, cut to fabric and then sewn together.

To achieve the best end result I would like to mark the pieces where things need to align. Ideally I would mark the spot once and this would then transfer to both the fabric pieces as they are flattened and printed to paper pattern. Imagine cutting across a seam with a pair of scissors before opening up the seam. The cut would act as a mark and allow these two pieces of fabric to easily be aligned if one wanted to sew them back together again. (Lets ignore that the cut ruined it for now…)

I have been playing around with arrays and flow along curve/surface. My method feels flawed since it takes quite some work to get the markings aligned on both fabric pieces in preparation for flattening.

Any ideas to how I could do the above in a fast and efficient manner?

Hello - how many of these marker curves do you need to add, typically? And do you need for the two to somehow each know about the other after unrolling?

@a00j0 At any rate, just in cae it helps, here’s a python to try - it will drop lines on the objects that can be selected with the Unroll process in UnrollSrf.

Use RunPythonScript to try it, or use a macro in the form

! _-RunPythonScrpt "Full path to py file inside double quotes"

SeamMarker.py (2.8 KB)


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The numbers of markers depend on the design, but roughly anywhere from 4 to 20. I can definitely see the benefit of the marker pairs staying synced after unrolling, but it is not essential.

I tried your script and it does the job! This will make the output of prototypes a little easier. Thanks!

@a00j0, just because it seemed like a handy thing, potentially, I made the curves know about each other and made a second script to point any of the markers to its mates.

MatchSeamMarkers.py (1.0 KB)
SeamMarker.py (3.0 KB)


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Hi Pascal,
Mayebe, I can create my curves such as A1.A2.A3 then use [SeamMarker.py] marker it’s like that one i create?
Honestly, I’d like to unroll some specific part on model ,example circle model I’d like to start unroll upper part model. Do you think we can seleted part to start to unroll?

Thank a lots,

Hello - I’m afraid I do not quite follow what you’re asking here…