What is the current workflow for Ladybug Radiance Daylight analysis using Rhino Inside?

Hello, after another change in Rhino Inside my previous script stopped working. So I wonder are there any working examples how to extract from Revit model Room 3d shapes (with single layer wall shapes - paperthin) with cut openings for windows, doors and curtain walls, so it can be easily used in radiance etc.?

Can you post a small example or two of what you are trying to achieve? Iā€™m not familiar with the Ladybug aspect but can help with the geometry workflow.

@Japhy Thank You for looking into this.

With a simple model that has only straight walls and simple windows I achieved that with this script (going a bit around with extruding and cutting through walls etc.)

For daylight factor in honeybee I need such energy model with no thickness walls, and windows that are exactly where the wall is - not in front or anything but cutting exactly in that 0-thickness wall geometry.

This is done automatically by my script from Revit model (in this example I preselected only 3 rooms to make it faster):

However when working with a more complicated model not done by myself but from other architect I cant find a way to get such model automatically. Previously I needed to model second model by hand when doing such analyses, and with Rhino inside Revit I thought that finally I can automate that, but no luck with that yet :confused: ā€¦

I am also attaching an example (working) file rvt and gh, to show what I want to achieve in smarter way that would work when the model has glazed partitions made out of not only windows but also doors and curtain panels (Rhino file is not needed, I just baked to show what is the result of the gh file)ā€¦

example.3dm (171.1 KB)
example.gh (634.9 KB)
example.rvt (4.5 MB)


@Japhy @mateuszploszajmazure there is a dedicated discours forum for ladybug, you might want to check that out.

if i am not fully wrong this is it

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I am fully aware of that. This however is not about the simulation part but getting data out of rhino inside revit

Hi @mateuszploszajmazure! This is not directly a response about the issues in RIR but mostly a response to your original question about possible workflows to prepare the mode.

We are developing a Revit plugin (Pollination Revit Plugin-Coming Soon) to exactly streamline processes like this one. I test your sample model and it works with no issues. It does simplify the windows and removes the double panes, etc.

Here are the hbjson and 3dm files.

Do you mind sharing the more complicated model that you are struggling to export for testing?

example_model.3dm (1.5 MB)
example_model.zip (19.3 KB)