Issue in assigning Brep

Hi all,
I am trying to conduct energy and daylight analysis in building exported from the Revit. I had imported the whole building using Rhinoinsiderevit. However further, I am unable to conduct analysis. Can anyone help me that how to assign brep (As I am unable to assign brep). Further is there anything that I am missing in the workflow. as after bringing the model in the rhino, I am directly assigning the breps.
Please look.

Hi Shubham, How are you doing your energy and daylight analysis? If you are using pollination they have a particular conversion available (creates the watertight model with openings from Revit geometry)

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hi @Japhy
Actually, I am a beginner in this field. I had conducted some of the energy and daylight simulations earlier on a single room (where I developed a simple volume representing a room in Rhino and developed a window to analyze it for daylight and energy). However, now I am trying to conduct simulations on a whole building (sample files of Revit). I am using Rhino.inside.Revit to import the revit model in rhino. Can u guide me slightly that how to assign further. I know it’s a silly question, but I am trying to assign brep, but unable to do. would i need to assign brep by defining floor, walls and ceiling(for making it close) or need to develop an internal volume and assign it as a closed brep.
Please look.

Hi Shubham,

The easiest way to get Revit Geometry to Rhino is to Reference the categories and use the Geometry Cache to bake to Rhino Blocks, the blocks contain the various Breps.

If you use the Element Geometry component you can go direct to breps.

The guide is really helpful in getting started as well. (11.1 KB)

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Hi @Japhy
Thanks for helping me.
Actually, I am facing issues while converting the building into zones. Conducting daylight analysis requires honeybee zones (as I think). So I am converting masses into zones, however unable to mesh it hence facing issues. I am just trying to conduct a basic run.

Glad i could help Shubham, unfortunately I don’t have any experience in Honeybee/Ladybug. Have you seen the Ladybug forum?

Thank you so much @Japhy for your kind help. I will look forward to the ladybug forum.