DIVA to ladybug transition

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I am usually using DIVA for environmental optimization, but I want to transition to ladybug and honeybee, I need help with a certain situation to start getting the hang of it

as shown in the attached jpg, DIVA Daylight analysis goes through the process of defining a material for each element in the building under study, and then connecting those material components to the “GM” input in “DIVA Daylight Analysis” component, is there a similar process or component in ladybug and honeybee? I simply just need to perform the same process but using ladybug and honeybee

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Under the HoneyBee Component tab in GH, you will find Material related components in
01 |Daylight | Material tab.
I think by default it has 9 RAD materials in the library. You may create your own RAD material properties and add them to the library for future use. Once you setup your materials you need not redefine the material again. From there on, you can use the Call material from Radiance library as an alternative to GM component in DIVA.

I hope this is what you’re looking for. I’m don’t have much experience with DIVA. But going by the way daylighting analysis works. They should be Rad materials as well.

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thank you very much, will try it out and let you know what I got, and if I need any other clarifications :slightly_smiling_face:

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching tutorials about honeybee to figure out how to transform breps into HB zones and assign Honeybee_Radiance Materials to them, but the it’s been hard to grasp as most of the examples for daylight analysis focused on analysis for indoor spaces.

What I want to achieve is a daylight analysis on the exterior of the building according to a grid reliant on the exterior glass of the form shown in the attached picture (the colored part).

Is there any good tutorial tackling this kind of situation or if anybody would be kind enough to explain the steps and I’ll try doing them and see if I got it right

Thanks a lot


My suggestion, visit here:


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