What is the biggest texture to process in Rhino?

Working on big textures, that I want to unfold for print later. tried 54000x27000px and Rhino crashed. Is there any specific limit? thanks! H

Recently there was a thread about textures and limits.

Even if it isn’t on the GPU, but a regular image in memory, with just RGB values in the byte range you’re looking at 4374000000 bytes of memory (around 4 GB), adding an alpha channel that’d be 5832000000 bytes. And if that were an image with all floats you’d have 4 tines that, i.e. over 23GB…

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I’m not aware of any graphics cards that have 23GB of VRAM.

As a general rule, doesn’t it make sense that textures are a low resolution as possible, but not so low that they effect image quality?
With that in mind, how the resulting image will be used (displayed on the computer screen, printed, etc.), should be used to determine how low the texture resolution should be?

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I have Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro (2015) and couldn’t get a texture working at 54K length but 30K length would work. So my question was about if there is a maximum pixel size Rhino can handle or is this resource based (my computer)

There are two, Quadro M6000 and P6000 with 24GB VRAM…or buy a car for the money :wink:


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I’m guessing it’s a limitation imposed by the video memory on the graphics adapter on your Mac.
What adapter do you have and how much VRAM does it have?