What is the best way to do this?

Hey guys, new user here

I’m trying to figure out the best way to do a high relief model of this image. It’s a very complicated thing for me, because I’ve been learning how to use Rhino just for 2 weeks. I already know a lot about solids and surfaces, but I can’t even start modeling this… My objective is modeling this image over a medal, for 3D printing and laser marking. It needs to be a high relief. That’s quite difficult.

I really need your help, guys! Please! Does anyone know how can I do this?

I think GH is the best way to do it. For the most part you take an [Image Sampler] component, a mesh with a lot of vertices, and then the image sampler’s output is used to control the z values of the mesh’s vertices. Here is a thread with links and examples.

Sampling 32 million pixels is going to take some time though…

Hi Hayashi - do you want to model it as some kind relief or as a fully 3d object?


You could open it in Adobe illustrator and trace the pattern to simplify it a little in order to give you cleaner lines before you make a start.

If it’s a case of having sharp edges it won’t take very long. You can import the PDF and use the outlines to extrude the shape as a solid.

If it has to have a rounded look and feel like worn bas relief then it maybe better to do it with grasshopper as suggested or a displacement map: https://youtu.be/r_CB6-OjCLU


Hi pascal

Actually I want to do something like this:

Basically, transform a 2D sample in a relief 3D model.

Hi Marcus, thank you for your suggestion. I’m going to take a look to Grasshooper.

Thank you, 2DCube. I’ll try it.

Hi Hayashi - it is not an ideal image to work from - you might want to blur it a little, but Heightfield with the Mesh option may be a start.


Ok… This what I got using Heightfield:

I know I need a better image… But when I get it, what exactly should I do with Heightfield and Mesh?

Hi Hayashi - I think I’d output a mesh and not a surface and a much lower height in the dialog, but also the image itself is only a 2 color bitmap - it should be a grayscale with some blurring at the edges between black and white.

Grayscale, blurred a little, reduced in size, mesh resolution set to match the pixels in the image (i.e. one vertex per pixel)

@Hayashi - here’s my quickly edited version of your image-

The image is grayscale, blurred to soften the transition between black and white (i.e. round the edges) and 1250 by 1506 pixels (1/4 the size of the original). Heightfiled is set to 1249 by 1596, hoping to land one mesh vertex on each pixel of the image.



omg how did you do that?

So I need to transform this image in a grayscale pictureframe in order to get something like this?

Thank you so much!!