What Is more important ? The Ram or the graphics card?

Hi every one. I am just wondering what i need to focus more on. Ram or a graphics card.

Im working on a 244mb spaceship cockpit on a mac book pro with 4gig of ram and its really laggy.

on my home computer with 8gig of ram its still really laggy. I thought that might of made a difference but not so much.

Any advice welcome.



When I was using the WIP version on my 2013 MacBook pro I had issues with memory. I’m not sure you can change the graphics card as it’s soldered in?

I’m not even sure if you can change the memory on some of the newer MacBooks…?

Not sure where you are in the world but check out https://www.mrmemory.co.uk/ I upgraded my memory to 16GB even though the laptop wasn’t supposed to be able to take that much memory - it worked like a charm.

Moving from 4GB to 16GB will make all the difference - the next step would be to move from HDD to SSD which would also improve your work flow.


Cheers Andy…sorry for the late reply !


it really depends where you want to fly with it to :smiley:
generally i would say get more ram, but if you say camera movements are too slow and you dont mind longer processing durations for splitting and others things then give it a new GC. but 4 gb main mem is certainly super low… 8 gb is a minimum but also rather low on those ever more demanding greedy operating systems.

curious what you went for :wink:

For what I have read in the forum Rhino from developers and looking at the performance of different machines, I got the following idea. The Rhino’s performance depends on the following factors (in order of importance) .1) speed of single core CPU (and NOT the number of cores). 2) quantity is RAM speed. 3) graphics card .4) ssd instead of 'HD (ssd especially for the possible use of memory the Mac “take” when RAM is over. From what I can gather, is much more important than the “compatibility” graphics card with Rhino that the technical characteristics (and it seems that Envy is better).this thread is interesting:


From experience, upping the ram from 4G to 8G and then to 16GB made a huge difference to the day to day usage of Rhino WIP with regard to lots of objects and the speed of the system.

I have to admit, since moving to PC I have an i7 with 8 cores (16 virtual), 32GB of ram with a GTX 970 and SSD - there is little difference in the day to day usage - it’s only when I’m trying to work with many objects that I can feel the true benefit.

SSD would be my second port of call after maxing out the ram on the MacBookPro.