What hardware update for better video screengrab?

Hi. I’m using a screengrab software (Debut) for capturing “rendered” videos on the fly in Rhino 7 using either Turntable or Bongo. V-Ray is my rendering engine.
The results are ok for my needs, especially considering the non existing rendering wait.
However, when I up the shadows effects, the motion tends to be less smooth, and I tend to spend that saved time i After Effects trying to sort things out. Especially if I add point lights instead of square lights. Raytraising takes longer time to calculate I guess?
My GPU is a Asus RTX 2070 Super. CPU is Ryzen 9 3900x. RAM is a lot, I don’t remember.
My question is what hardware change would benifit my special needs most? GPU: with more memory, or just faster speed? CPU: is my 9 3900x a bottleneck, and would I benefit from the newer 9 5950x? The later do have more cores, but seems to have slower speed on each core? Or am I just confused?
To be clear - due to me, as well as qlients being very impatient - I’m not doing any traditional rendering at all.
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The OpenGL display stuff is almost entirely dependent on your video card, and the 2070 is a pretty middling one–that whole generation was just not much of an upgrade–so just kinda whatever sort of upgrade you can afford to that. No other upgrade will make an impact you will actually notice in the real world, other than maybe how many dozen Chrome tabs you can have open before it actually starts to interfere with your Rhino performance.

Hello Jan,

I do not think you are specifically confused with regard to the relationship between clock speed and cores. I believe that in a nutshell it is about heat / heat generated and the ability to dissipate this heat. Please search some on this and I am confident you will gain clarity on this matter to the extent I imagine [?] you need to in short order.

No surprise if others offer specific references to your post that have good explanations and correct me - set the record straight if need be.

I am still quite unclear about what my next GPU set up will be and how this will sync with the CPU, RAM and PCIe bus.So no comment to this part of your post. Last, but not least, is for me to remember to “check off the box” that the system will work well with Rhino 8.

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p.s. Yes, I understand / believe the system requirements for Rhino 8 have not been posted yet.