What Grasshopper plug-in component is this?

Dear All,
I am not sure which component is this one. Can anyone please tell me about this.

Thank You

Maybe Chimpanzee? @matous.stieber
Where did you see it? That might provide some clues

I’m sorry but it’s not a component from the Chimpanzee plug-in. But I recomend to try Chimpanzee anyway :wink:

While exploring Biomorpher

Thank You

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I don’t think it’s part of Biomorpher itself, though maybe @johnharding recognises it?

Maybe you have tried it already, but you can hold down Alt Gr and then hold left mouse button and GH will tell you which menu this component originates from. From that you can RMB on the component and pick Component Info to view further information.

By the way, if Alt Gr does not work, it might be Alt on some keyboard language settings.

You can also type GrasshopperPluginList in Rhino command line and it will tell you which plugins are used in the current .gh file.


I think usually when this sort of question comes up, it’s because someone has seen a screenshot or video where a plugin component is used, but they don’t have it installed themselves, so can’t simply search for it on their own machine.

Searching for the input/output/component names on

is sometimes a way, though this one doesn’t appear to be in that list.


Ah, that’s one of my own user objects I think! Just returns the variance of a list of values. I sometimes make little icons when bored.


Thank You @johnharding

Thanks Daniel and you are right it was an image that’s why wasn’t able to search for the component itself.