What format save a rhino model to upload in Python?

Hi there, I am making a model with Rhino and I need to upload it in Python as I need to work with the coordinates of the models points. What is the best format I should save my model?

Hi - I moved this post to the Developer category but I think that you should provide more information about what it is that you are trying to do. Could you explain “upload it in Python”?

Hi, yesI’ll explain myself better. I created a rendered model of a urinary system (I am a biomedical engineering student), and I need to use it in Python- I need to extract and use coordinates of points/structures present in the model.
As rhino has severals formats in which is possible to save your model, I am asking which is the best one to have a good interaction with Python.

Hi - the part that I’m not getting is that you’ll “use it in Python”.
You can use Python in Rhino and wouldn’t have to save the model in any format so it sounds like you are using python outside of Rhino?

Yes. I am making a code in Python to develop a path-planning strategy (it’s an automatic way to find the optimal path to go from a starting point to the target point avoiding obstacles). I need to extract the coordinates from the starting and target point from the model (in an automatic way), therefore I need to upload the model in Python. Hope my explanation is good enough!

Hi @l.scarzanella,

You can read/write 3dm files from Python:

Does this help?

– Dale

I used an obj file and uploaded with a code made in a library