What files are first loaded when running Grasshopper runtime

Hello, I am writing myself a rudimentary but custom grasshopper plugin manager - accumulated too many plugins

i would like to know how grasshopper starts loading plugin files. Does it first look for ".gha" files and then loads the rest? or does it also look for ".ghpy", ".py", ".ghuser", etc. to know what to load?

I’m hoping to know which files to block in some way to prevent grasshopper from loading certain plugins at runtime

What about the folders? is it enough to parse Library, UserObjects, and Packages folders? Are there any other folders?

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sorry for tagging, but i need this information to make a better workflow… i’d really appreciate your input

Libraries first and then user objects. Orders for plugins from different libraries are indeterministic. I believe files from packages are loaded later.

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thank you. would you happen to know which file extensions i should look for aside from .gha?

also, how do i find that addon manager. i’m guessing it’s an addon itself