What do you expect to see in V7 before it’s ship-ready?

What is the reason for all this time?
Lack of staff and experience?
Or needs a lot of money, tests and support?

  1. It would be great if after making several sub-object selections it was possible to create a sub object group for later use. Like, if I want to move three faces of a solid now, I have to re-select all three each time. Not a big deal, but with 25 faces it becomes a big deal.

  2. It’d also be great if keyboard options allowed us to use more keys as hotkeys than we can now. I haven’t totally run out yet but I’m on my way, and I’m also motivated by ergonomics and mnemonics to want to use some keys that are currently unassignable. Why can’t I assign the semicolon, for instance?

Note though that v6 has now had already 16 releases (: For major versions there is a longer time yes, but lots is happening in between them… That is a monthly release of an updated version. Add to that Rhino 6 for Mac is out now too, so that is 1 year for a new version (it was quite the big task…)

Rhino v6 (Windows) 2018
Rhino v6 (Mac) Summer 2019

Just saying

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I cannot say what the cause is of the amount of time it takes to ship a major release, only observe the milestones and the time in between them. I have no insight in the number of developers, their other projects, their priorities etc.

Having 16 minor releases is indeed a lot, and that tells me that a) they have their bug-fixing priorities high and b) a number of high profile bugs needed fixing.

This is now possible in Rhino 7 by means of saved selection sets.

We have that one on the list as RH-3534.

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Interesting perception. The high SR count is due to a change in our process from the past. We try to release a WIP and SR release candidate every Tuesday for both Windows and Mac. Every four weeks a SR release candidate is promoted to an official SR and new code changes are made available with the next SR release candidate. This cadence produces a high number of SRs

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Interesting perception

Indeed it is a perception. Now that you have clarified that McNeel have changed their process and this explains the high number of SR’s it is revealed for what it truly is, an assumption on my part without knowledge of the facts.

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We use nothing in the aforementioned list and I like to keep my expectations low.
So, I say if ALL existing R6 bugs (I personally reported) fixed and some commands are made to work consistently (such as Fin, ExtendSrf). And some “small” feature requests like Suppress Selection Dialog box and Perm Sticky command options checkbox etc are satisfied, I’d start pushing management to get R7 right now. It’s still cheap enough to get it just for the above.

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What do you mean by that?

A checkbox somewhere in options to make all commands options Sticky for current session and all new ones (permanent). So, when you open a new Rhino instance your Pipe command remembers to have no caps on ends for example.

Right now, those are a mess. Some command options are Perm sticky (are remembered forever), some Temp sticky (only remembered for current sesh), some are neither. It was setup that way according to “user feedback”.


Now I get it. I was confused by using “sticky” in this context. :slight_smile:

I totally agree with this request.


What is the reason for all this time?

Probably they don’t believe in the Autodesk approach (no matter what, release a new version each year which primarily only consistes of re-arranging the ui elements in some random way and taking away great old features for combined bad ones) :smiley:


if only it was just Autodesk :man_facepalming:

When 3DX R2015 was released the only noticeable difference from 3DX R2014 was the color of the icons.

Please sir may I have BOM, please

A BOM feature pleaseeeeeee


Just make rhino faster.

I have no idea why so much effort is spent on rendering and sub-d modeling, etc. rhino is never going to catch up to the competition there

All great! Especially FBX export from Bongo and subdivision surfaces. Please add a transformation export so you could choose a rendering origin close to the model. this would eliminate rendering errors associated with huge real world co-ordinates and eliminate the need to move models.

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10-year-old bugs


A better rayshooter would be greatly appreciated. One that works with trimmed surfaces. Maybe it could even return extra information, such as distance to intersection. And make it super fast with large numbers of rays, please.