What can trigger Geometry Pipeline component refreshing?

Recently I am trying to work on a project. it has a lot of things needing to be referenced by grasshopper automatically. However each time something trigger the Geometry Pipeline component refreshing, all geometry referenced by this pipeline will be computed. And it’s waste of time because I just want the geometry which I made change recalculate.

I know geometry pipeline work well. but I want to know if there are some method or event in RhinoCommon or grasshopper API can reference geometry automatically on user condition?

I am a noob programmer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So i just try to use C# and Ghpython component in grasshopper to solve this problems.

Did I make myself clear? Any help and suggestion would be appreciated. :heartbeat:

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Sorry for the confusion :frowning_face:. Since this project is still in the idea stage, I can’t provide any helpful documentation or code beyond a vague description.

But I can provide some examples. For example, I have a thousand points that I use to generate a model of a thousand houses. Every time I manipulate some of these points, the geometry pipeline component is refreshed. All the componets downstream will be recalculated.

I was wondering if there was any method or event trigger in the API that would help me implement the function of automatically picking up objects from Rhino. Every time I manipulate an object, I determine if the object meets some condition and then shunt them to a different output. In this attempt I can avoid unnecessary recalculation of downstream components.

Basically it can be described as implementing a more advanced geometry pipeline.

Is this clear enough? Or is the question too general? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the idea?

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Welcome @1071969980
Start here

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Thanks for the guidance. I tried to re-describe the problem. But I’m sorry I wasn’t able to provide any documentation or pictures.

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I think you are being a snob here.
I perfectly understand the problem as it is clearly stated.
As a matter of fact, I have the same problem : I’d like a geometry pipeline with a trigger.

It’s not so hard to understand.

I think it’s a very interesting idea if I understood it correctly. It should not be too much of a problem doing it with Visual Studio in C# as a “real” component.

If you’re working with python however, you need a lot of black magic to do it - the reason being that you most probably need to track event states etc.

It’s not exactly the thing you want to do, but I think it could help you understanding what needs to be done if you look at this python component (shameless self-promotion incoming):

Maybe you can adapt the component/code to do exactly what you want :slight_smile: