C# - hacking geometry-pipeline to temporarly filter specific objects

Hey people,

I have kind of a special question. Its about hacking the geometry-pipeline.

I developed a component which is used to draw geometry within Rhino (like it would be baked) to select one/some of them, to go on with them in grasshopper.

The problem is, if there is a geometry pipeline within the definition the drawn/baked stuff may interfer somehow with it and produce unpredictable results… l

Is there a possibility to temporarly lock all pipelines in the definition OR exclude them from collection?
ocking the solver is not an option, while I want to have live-updates.
I draw the objects on a specific layer with custom-attributes.

The described component can be found in this plugin (qeds > 06_Preview) and looks like this:

Any help would be great
Thanks in advance

greets Mark

Found a hack at my own :wink:

The way I took:

  • Find all GeometryPipelines in the definition
    • Get the current State (Disabled/Enabled) and save it
    • Collect the volatile data from the output
    • Diasable the GeometryPipeline
    • Set the collected volatile data to the output

Just in case anybody needs such a thing…


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