What are the 2d trace over image capabilities?

I’m new to Rhino. i use 2d images to construct my 3d. please see video

how would others do this in Rhino?

Hi Michael - the short answer is ‘by hand’, if you want really good quality curves. I’d get familiar with Rhino’s many curve drawing & editing tools, and bone up on how to get good continuity between curves.

  • For exact, analytical shapes like arcs and lines and circles, there are lots of tools for making those cleanly - the trick may be to recognize in the drawing when to use them.
  • I’d work on making the simplest curves that get the shape you want as a general rule.
  • Keep in mind that curves can be edited - for freeform curves this is important, because you do not need to hit the curve accurately at the time of creation - get it close and then adjust (F10 turns on control points)
  • PictureFrame will help you get the images to trace into Rhino. Note you can adjust the transparency of these via Properties > Material
  • Use object snaps where appropriate.


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The User’s Guide has a tutorial that covers this. I think it’s called Trace Images.
The User’s Guide can be downloaded from the Learn page on the Rhino Web site.

Basically the images are used with either the PictureFrame command or the older BackgroundBitmap command. Then you use curve commands to trace over the image to get close. The turn on control points for the curves and use the Nudge commands to refine the curves.