Creating mass out of jpg / bitmap image?

Hi, Im’ having a hard time figuring out how to create massing model out of Jpg / Bitmap image.
I tried vectorizing (Image trace) through Adobe Illustrator, but it somehow distorted shape / angle. I don’t want to have round shape that it creates. So I was wondering if there is any way that I could get nicely edged volume out of jpg / bitmap file?
Below is the pattern where I want to extract shape from. I just want direct extrusion of the pattern. with sharp edge.

Thanks in advance!

I would not use image trace in Illu for exact things, I would manually trace it in either Illustrator or Rhino itself.

Thank you Peter. I was also thinking about that but I have a ton of drawings like that… It’s going to take a month if I decided to trace by hand… ugh.

Could you give an example of a drawing? Perhaps that might spring something to mind

This is the 3d model out of image trace in illustrator. I am basically trying to make something like this, but with sharp angles. I also tried heightfiled commend, and the result was disastrous.

Depending on the quality of the curves you get out of Illustrator, you might be able to convert them to polylines to get sharp corners and then extrude. To try:

  • for each curve, turn on points and use the points with Polyline>Through points
  • or, change degree of the curves to 1 and see what happens
  • there might be some other things to try or a small script/Grasshopper might help, if you could post a sample curve or two I can look…


If you could post an example image next to example curves I would also be able to check the illustrator side of the matter. See if I can figure some trace improvement out for you.

There really is no way to make a perfect trace of images like that. If you zoom in you’ll see that it would have to be an intelligence to understand which lines should be both on line and parallel and that you want 90 degree angles and sharp corners.

I would do as Mitch says, trace them.
Or contact the maker of the image to get the raw data. I presume this is vectors to begin with.