Weld end points of 2 curves

Hello guys!
Is there a command for welding two end points of two separate curves that are apart from each over, without using the mouse dragging and osnap. Im looking for something like ‘Weld’ command in tsplines. Thanks a lot!!

The Z key just doesn’t work in Rhino.

If it is just curves, you can turn points on and drag one end curve point to the other. If you need the in-between area like in T-Splines when you select both points first then hit the Z key, I would probably draw a straight line between the ends I want to join, then turn on points for both curves and drag one to midpoint of the straight line then drag the other curve end point to the first (line midpoint) curve.

It also helps if you post images of what you are trying to achieve. I am just going by the T-Splines command here.


Thanks for the answer, what i want actually its quite simple:

So lets say i have this 2 curves, i was looking for a command that works like ‘weld’ in tsplines(u select both points and ‘weld’ - it will make the average and bring the points together, u select first ‘weld’ then second - it will bring the first point to the second) the tspline command doesn’t work on curves. I want to avoid using dragging and osnap or making extra geometry, my goal is time saving)). thanks

I know, but Rhino doesn’t have a command like T-Splines weld points. I was just giving some work arounds. Since your image shows 2 lines with their points on, just draw the lines you want connected first and you won’t have to ‘weld’ the end points together.

If you really need the weld, then alt drag your curves up with T-Splines arrow to create a t-splines surface, weld the points, convert surface to NURBS then duplicate edge. This will give you the welded lines. But that is more work & more geometry that what I suggested.

You just can’t do it with straight Rhino, weld 2 points.

Sometimes what seems like taking more time at the start will actually save us more time down the road when modelling.


Hello- I think you want the Match command.



yup, thats the thing thanks

Am I missing something in the Match command? I get this from 2 straight lines.

If I was doing the T-Splines weld, I would expect something like this …

Thanks, «Randy

Match using Position setting… But in this case, maybe the Connect command is probably what you really want. --Mitch

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:relieved: the first time I didn’t see the options dialogue, was way over there ----> on my other screen and I didn’t see it.

Thanks for the Connect command, that is neat.


Here’s the Match dialog box, and in addition to Mitch’s suggestion about Position, you’ll probably want to pick the Average curves option, too, so they “meet in the middle”.
Connect doesn’t seem to work if the 2 curves aren’t in the same plane, and since it extends each end, your curves will “grow”. I moved one curve in the screen shot to show that Match will handle the curves if they’re not coplanar.


Thanks Doug, I have been using Match curve more and more, but always the little things that make the biggest difference.

Yep, definite difference between extending lines/curves to meet at a theoretical intersection and moving their endpoints to match either in the middle (average point) or one to the other.


If the lines are coplanar you can use the Fillet command with the fillet diameter set to 0. It will extend (or shorten) one or both of the lines until they intersect. There is an option to have them joined as well.

Yeah, but Connect does that and it does not mess up your fillet settings for the next time you actually want to fillet =)


You know I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of Connect. I knew the fillet trick from AutoCad and never looked further.

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