How to snap spline endpoint to another curve

How would you connect spline/curve that lay on different plane/orientation ??
I need the endpoint of the open curve to be snap/merged on the side of this loop curve on X/Y
(while remaining on the same X/Z plane)

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Hello - probably the least distorting way (for the vertical curve) in this case is to Scale1D the curve from its opposite end point using End and Int osnaps.

You could also move the end Edit point or Control point using Point or End and Int
SmartTrack can help too in this case:


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Thanks a lot for this explanation, wasn’t aware to get into “Edit point” mode to move the endpoint !
Got it now, although i have now another issue :
Is it possible to fuse 2 control point from 2 surfaces so they get stick together and drive 2 surfaces at once ?

(here if i move one control point the 2 curves remain independent and i have to resnap the end at every change)