Weird JSON object behavior?

Hey Devs,

Just a quick one to point out that I personally think that the ShapediverJSONConstruct object does not act the way i would expect it to work:
See below when I add 3 text strings to 3 JSON objects. It copies those 3 strings into each of the JSON objects…

Is this by design?

What if you graft the ‘Object’ and ‘Data’ inputs?

Tried, didn’t work…

The error message reads : Number of addresses is different from number of data object branches, using the minimum number.
Duplicating the adresses and grafting those as well, doesn’t help either…

Hi @maximbroos, all documentation regarding how our plugin components work can be found at Regarding the JSON Construct component, you can find the documentation here.

Remember that you are trying to create a JSON object so you have to translate the data trees structure that Grasshopper uses to the JSON structure that Javascript uses. The Object input just needs one single item which is a JSON object, the Data input needs a data tree and the AddressString needs a list.