ShapeDiverJSONConstruct Issue

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I’m a new ShapeDiver user and while going through SD’s JSON docs and exercises, I am encountering a problem with the ShapeDiverJSONConstruct component.

For some reason, for some geometric components, under some unknown (to me) context, ShapeDiverJSONConstruct is returning “null”.

Would anyone here know why, and how I can avoid/get around this, please?

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GH 0.9.0076
Rhino 5 SR14 64-bit
Windows 10 Home - 1803 (13.0 KB)

At the moment, not all types of geometry can be automatically converted to a JSON object using the SDJSONConstruct component. You can find the list here:

This would be easy to add for solids such as cylinders and spheres, I have added the item to the backlog and will let you know once it’s implemented. In the meantime, you’ll need to build the JSON object manually (i.e send the plane, radius and length as properties of a custom-built object).

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Thank you so much for the clarification and your prompt response Mathieu.

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