Weird Groups When Importing SketchUp Models (V6)

Sometimes the objects just combine together with this odd situation even I make sure that every single object is grouped themselves, does anybody know the reason ? Please help, thanks!

Hi Casper - what does the Properties panel say the objects are when selected?



Pascal, thank you for replying.
It says varies. grouped.

Hi Casper -
Could you post the SketchUp file here? Is that a model that you made yourself in SketchUp?

Hey Wim,
No, I downloaded it on 3dwarehouse, here are some of the files, I usually import them as NURB objects.
The situation happens when I group and ungroup them.

01.skp (61.2 KB)
Delta±+Grail+Single+Handle+Pull-Down+Spray+Faucet.skp (637.7 KB)
KitchenAid+Artisan+Stand+Mixer.skp (824.1 KB)
大同電鍋11人份.skp (3.3 MB)

Hi Casper -

Thanks. I see that those SketchUp files behave in different ways. In some cases, some objects are created as blocks, in other cases as groups, and in yet other case both groups and blocks.
I also see that, in the Rhino 8 WIP, there are now options for dealing with groups when importing .skp files.

I can’t tell, specifically, what issue you have with all this but I would generally recommend to just ungroup everything when you import those and purge your file for unused groups. Only when you have done that, start grouping things the way that makes sense for you.