Weird exposé behaviour

I’ve recorded a video of this but it shows my desktop that I’d rather not share publicly.

I have this issue where when Rhino opens on my external display, that the window is offscreen. I can get it to show up using exposé but it then disappears again off screen.

Strangely, the place where it seems to appear from when invoking exposé is where my MacBook’s internal display is in terms of the display arrangement from the system settings display panel.

The only way I’ve found to resolve it is to invoke exposé, move the window to my Macs built in display and then manually move to the external display.

If its helpful in recreating the issue, this is how I have my displays arranged:

OK, I think I might have found something that helps. Choosing display two on this menu from the dock seems to have helped. It was previously only ‘none’ that had a tick next to it. Now, rather confusingly, it has both ‘None’ and ‘Display 2’ ticked.

Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 14.56.03

Hi @robinp-

I admit, without a video, I’m having trouble understanding what you are seeing. As far as I can tell, we have a nearly identical display arrangement: my MacBookPro sitting on my desk with my larger external display sitting directly above it; the MBP Retina display being the primary display.

Window position is controlled my macOS, so I’m not sure what we could do even if we could reproduce it. That said, window size is something that is recorded in Rhino’s preferences file …and, even though I don’t know how macOS determines the complex arrangement of window layout within the various spaces on the various displays - I do imagine macOS needs to know what the size is. You might try backing up and then resetting your Rhino preferences to see if it changes things.

In my experience, Dock position is often critical to where windows get placed when the application launches. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but one downside of the arrangement you and I seem to share is that getting the actual Dock to appear on the larger, upper display is pretty awkward…for me it involves moving my mouse to the right or the left-hand side of the extents of the upper display, but only to the right or left of the display below. I don’t know if this is relevant to what you are seeing - but I do know that dock location seems to dictate where macOS decides to place the window on launch.

I’ll try to send you the video somehow. Can I just use the normal file upload system?

Sure: Rhino - Upload to Support …or a PM here on Discourse too, if you prefer.

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I’ve PMd you. It seemed easier. It is worth noting that I videod it with my phone to show both displays at the same time. The arrangement of displays is great generally but as you note there are some situations where it is a bit awkward.

Of course this could be entirely an OS issue. I’ve just not had it before.

Hi @dan

I’ve just had it happen again and this seems to be unique to Rhino. I’ve never had it happen with other apps.

just curious, why dont you use the external screen as the main screen? i also have the macbook pro closed most of the times (end 2013 so pretty cool still) so i dont even use the laptop screen at all since it also helps me not to accidentally slip into the neighbouring monitor with my fast mouse speed. i can imagine for @dan since he is coding that this setup makes sense but for the most case scenario i would think that solely using the bigger screen makes far more sense… which then also would allow any application to simply show up in the bigger screen.


Because I am invariably doing multiple things at once!

When I’m modelling, I’m often referring to another drawing or photos or searching online.

If not, then I probably have my email open at the very least.

To turn this around, why aren’t you using the display of your laptop? Seems a waste to me.

well to be fair i have quite a large screen, 32" and i mostly just flip the apps with cmd tab. only very seldom do i use the macbook pro screen if i want direct comparison, but mostly that works also just by flipping to and fro.

but what i actually meant regardless if you work with both screens simultaneously, is that if you move the white bar in the monitor arrangement to the external (bigger i assume) monitor all apps will automatically open there.

also i just remembered that i actually had similar issues regarding the app hiding away, not sure anymore if it was with rhino only i think photoshop gave me such hick ups either, and in the end i had to deactivate spaces to make this go away.

This is still happening and keeps catching me out because it looks like Rhino has failed to open the file, but it’s actually open just beyond the bounds of either display.

i just wonder, did you even try to deactivate the spaces as i have suggested?

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No I haven’t because I need to use spaces so it isn’t an acceptable outcome even if it were a solution.

This problem ONLY occurs with Rhino for me and I use quite a number of different apps.

ic well i have spaces activated, but i never use them, but i also only use one screen… what i notice you did not state the Rhino Version you are running, are you up to date? and which system are you running? i had some unresolvable issues with rhino only which nobody could reproduce which went away after updating to catalina. if you are not in a critical spot in your project/work it might be worth thinking about updating the software/system. just stay away from big sure if you not already have done that (it is so ugly that i am thinking about leaving mac behind for good…)

Thanks, I’m using the latest versions of everything. Big Sur 11.3.1 and Rhino 7.6.