Weird deform shape after buckling analysis

I am trying to analyse a thin-walled tube with stiffeners along its height. The 1st order and 2nd order analysis seem fine to me. But it showed a very weird deform shape after buckling analysis(Figure below). I don’t understand what caused it, is that because i didn’t mesh it properly?(GH file attached)
Thanks in advance!

tube with (44.0 KB)

Hi @mingyang20182019,

There are two things to look at:

  1. decrease the mesh resolution - the results of the analysis can be inaccurate if your mesh resolution is too large - this can cause a longer calculation time so be careful when moving the slider
  2. the deformation scale of the buckling analysis is set to 50, therefore the meshes are all intersecting.

Hi @matttam,

Thank you for the hints.