WebView + Google sites = plugin documentation

Hi Guys,

I’ve been looking for a solution to provide a ‘help file’ for my customers.

I’ve looked at a few options, including hosting my own wiki, using github wiki’s etc

My goals were:

  • A tree structure of info that could be matched to my UI structure
  • Some sort of mark up system that can allow formatting, links and embedded files like youtube videos and dropbox links
  • The ability to have the info available within my plugin

Google sites is actually great for this, 15 gig of free space, good integration with all the G Suite apps and a REALLY simple to use online builder that allows for simple navigation setup.

My plugin’s UI is already based on ETO.WebView so launching a new browser within Rhino and pointing it to the page that relates to the same UI that the help button was pressed was dead simple.

Here is the result:

Looks like (better?) a native help file and is dead easy to maintain and update.

Recommended to others looking for a way to document their plugin.



I can even send the link to non-users:

Personally i’m quite fond of Notion.so, it’s free, and has nice formatting options. It doesn’t allow you to set the layout persay but I think that doesn’t really matter and the upside is you spend less time trying to format pages

With some tweaking of the Google Sites theme I’ve got the look to somewhat match my plugins UI: