.webp for discourse

.webp is a superior image format in comparison to .gif. It can handle more colors and can be compressed into smaller files. Sadly discourse doesn’t allow it. Could this be changed?

For more information and an automatic .webp export from GH check this thread:

edit: support is good with the exeption of iOS/mobile safari. But will be supported with iOS 14

Hi Konrad -
It should now be possible to upload .webp pictures on this site.


@wim please disable this feature on discourse. The format is still not supported on Safari which means blank images on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Now disabled on this site.

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Thanks. Well hopefully apple world comes around to it eventually. :smile:

Works fine in Chrome and Firefox! Psst… only n00bs use the late Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. I personally recommend Firefox, especially if you value your privacy!

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I disagree. I use an iPad with Safari to view and respond to discourse when not at my laptop. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a n00b.

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Haha, maybe just an online privacy and security n00b? :wink: No offense! :slight_smile: Btw, Firefox is also available on iOS. :smiley: