Downloading .gh files from this site

Hi @sam and @discourse

we are having problems downloading Grasshopper files (.gh) from here,

See, for example, the file “” near the end of New ghpython issues: crashing, multithreading performance and “” at the beginning of the same discussion.

Could you help?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

@sam and @discourse the downloads appear to work for Generating a proportional grid on a surface which is a recent post. The links in the post that Giulio references look different. Did we lose the old files when switching to a different system for storing uploads?

Absolutely, something is off here, it will take us a few days to get it sorted.

The good news is that the actual image is sitting safely in the folder:


However, post id 34582 has a mismatch between raw and cooked:

Raw says:

<a class="attachment" href=""></a> 

And cooked says:

<a class="attachment" href=""></a>

To add pain here: PostUpload which is the table that stores a map of uploads in each post has no record for said post. And there is no upload in the system with the id 6294

We are going to have to write a custom script to correct the internal corruption and bring back the old uploads.

Please :bear: with us.


@piac & @stevebaer we haven’t forgotten about you.

I’ve been working on updating the migrate_from_s3 rake task and it’s now running on this instance.
It’ll probably take up to a day before it finishes but you can already see it working on post created before 2015 :wink:

EDIT: the task is done. Let me know if you find broken links.

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