WebGL error - seems to be with Mac BigSur / Chrome v 90 combination


Most ShapeDiver webpages launch for 2 seconds, and then crash with the error “We are sorry WebGL context was lost”

This looks like a bug with ShapeDiver when operating on Mac IoS BigSur (I am running 11.2.3) with Chrome Version 90.0.4430.40 as it produces the same error on all devices running this combination of OS/browser, but works fine with all other devices I have access too running different combinations.

It doesn’t crash with all sites. For example, if you launch the apps in https://app.shapediver.com/

I get the crash with

But this one seems to work ok

Is this a bug, or does anyone know how to fix the issue ?


I should have added, it works fine on Safari on the same device

Thank you very much for reporting this, we will have a closer look.

@mark20 Could you check WebGL on your computer? Go to the website below and please share the results.


Also, any error messages from the browser console would help us to troubleshoot. Open any of the ShapeDiver models that crashes, go to Chrome menu > More tools > Developer tools > Console and set context to the model.

Pavol - is this what you need ?



Thanks @mark20, this is what we need to investigate further. A bug has been filed and I will get back to you once we have some news on this issue.

@mark20 The Chrome 90 is still in beta so the error might be related to that. Could you please test with official stable version 89 and let us know if you have the same issues?