Weavy Panel Facade

I’m really new at gh, and I’m struggling to divide this facade surface into weaving panels. I tried many options but none of them give me the result that I want. I attach a picture to what I want to get and what I’m having.
form left to right, my handmade draw of the desire panels, the panels that I get using lunchbox, (how I make these smoother, is the closest that I get), and at last a projection of a weaving line, but this one doesn’t divide the surface in the right way). Help guys, I need it for Uni. Last real pic of what I want to get.

WeavingPanels.gh (39.2 KB)


Thank you Very much !

i change end of your algorithm
for work this you must have Parkeet plug in
WeavingPanels-new2.gh (47.6 KB)
parakeet070.zip (499.0 KB)


Thank you for your help. i installed both plug ins but I still have this message.

you need install parakeet0.7 (only version 0.7 but maybe you install version 0.6?1)

for installation Place “BOTH” files in your(Parakeet.gha and Parakeet.ghpy) �Components Folder�. (Components folder can be found via grasshopper: File -> Special Folders -> Components Folders). Restart Rhino and Grasshopper.
No need to install chop chop

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Yeah it works! I had the old version, so I remove it and reinstall the new one. Thank you!!

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Hello @architect.civil5 interesting plugin but I could find only version 7 and some components are missing, where can I find the previous version?

for installation Place “BOTH” files in your(Parakeet.gha and Parakeet.ghpy) �Components Folder�.
an first unblock th gh files

seems I did so

you must click on Unblock and ok
then restart Rhino

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works fine now