Weavy Panel Facade Cutout

Hi. I’m working on this cushion facade project for uni. The idea is to have some panels with breathable openings (and inside them a small cushion that can inflate a deflate to allow the building breathe).
So the question is, how to cut out these elements from the original pattern in the right position, and then be able to model another cushion that I can control independently.
attached pictures of the elements that I should pick and also the example element that I model in Rhino.

PneumaticFacade_Simple.gh (45.3 KB)


You need to internalize the input data.



Pneumatic-new.gh (65.7 KB)

Did you mean this algorithm? Sequential separation?

Pneumatic-new.-3.gh (82.1 KB)
And this is what you want!

Omg! thank you so much, I’m sleeping so less finishing this for uni ! is exactly what I need.
Thank you I lear so much just from analyzing the way you made it. Here a scheme render of the facade project

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