Surface Face Inset

How do you create an inset on a surface face as shown in my picture. I well be sinking it down to recieve a cushion. And on the cushion, how do I slice a service in equal parts. Then could I taper an offset on the indiviual parts after slicing to make seperate cushion segments.

I’d suggest using ExtractSrf on that surface followed by DupBorder. Then use OffsetCrvOnSrf to offset the border curve in to where you need the edge of the interior surface. Split the surface with the offset curve and join the outer portion back to the rest of the model.

Depending on the way in which you subdivide the new inset surface, you might want to use ShrinkTrimmedSrf on it to make the control point structure the smallest rectangular arrangement possible. Many paneling or patterning techniques look at the control point structure so this may end up being important. You could approach further cushion segments in many ways, Grasshopper and Paneling Tools are two optional plugins that would help. You can also just array a curve and split the surface into the segments you want.

Here’s a file I had for modeling a cushion too which you might get ideas from.
Cushions.3dm (303.7 KB)

Cool more steps than usually necessary but it works. Thanks. How can i push the middle surface down (inside the base) while the edges remain align with the main part. I tried just scaling it the lofting the edges but for some reason it went awry.

I’d use OffsetSrf with the solid option enabled, then ExtractSrf and delete the top face exposing the pocket. You can also use ctrl+shift and then delete instead of ExtractSrf.


This is what im trying to do. So going for those cushions once i get there.

Hi Bill,

I would suggest to create those cushions through means of flow along surface. (command _FlowAlongSrf)
Modeling them inside the curved object will probably be more complicated.

You would first _UnrollSrf a copy of the inset surface to create a flat version of it, onto that you can model the cushions that when finished can be flowed onto the curves surface.

Let us know if you need more guidance on this.


Hi Bill,
Along William’s workflow and in order to have better control over the dimentions and spacing, you can use the PanelingTools plugin for Rhino:
Attached is a quick example to show the process and you can check how each command works from the manual listed in the above link under documentation. I hope this is helpful. (282.2 KB)


Thanks :slight_smile: Ooh great ty Rajaa.