Kangaroo inflation simulation error

At the vertex, there is a visual problem as seen in the image. It is not causing any functional problem, i.e., it is not pulling the vertex, it is just a visual problem and not affecting the behaviour of the model. I have not put any anchor point where the issue is seen.

I have tried all types of the weaverbird mesh divisions but the issue persists.
Please let me know if there is any solution to this, thank you.

My Professor, Bhavleen Kaur solved the issue.

The mesh needs to be made not from a polyline as I was doing, but to be made first by a primitive rectangular plane with no divisions in U and V. Followed by using the control points to achieve the trapezium. And then simply use refine mesh without the need of weaverbird to get a much cleaner mesh divisions.


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Done, thank you.

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