Weave is not extruding

im trying to have that:

on that shape:

but all i get is the curves, does anybody understand why is that happenig and how could i fix it?

weave.gh (72.7 KB)
shape.3dm (312.4 KB)

Maybe you’d better provide much larger weaving factor.
And you could do it without VB.

thank you very much,
i tried it with your script and also increasred the weave factor,
but i guess im missing something since i get the same resault
shape.3dm (279.3 KB)
fabricpattern_reV2_re.gh (25.8 KB)

actually, even if i try to extrude or to make a pipe around one of the curves (i baked them)
its not working

i found it, my model was in millimiters. now its perfect
Thank you very much