Wavy Surface

I can not draw a wavy surface on rhino.
It always come up with a flat surface but I do not want a surface that’s on a single axis.
Can you help me??

Hi, give yourself time to learn modelling, and you should be able to model “wavy” surfaces. Have you already walked through the McNeel tutorials?

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No I did not. Are there any for my problem?

Well, usually the way people ask questions often tells you on how much experience they have on certain things. Maybe I‘m wrong but just from reading your question it seems you are missing basic knowledge on Surface modeling. Indirectly those tutorials introduce you to a couple of common technics, which can also help you in solving your question.


Also you can put a picture with your question to give an example. That helps too. Wavy , can mean a lot of things. —Mark

Hi @Linnie
“Wavy surfaces” is a rather broad description, so unless you have a specific problem you want help with, I think you do what @TomTom suggests, and take a look at the level 1 and level 2 tutorials. You can find them in the help menu. If you want to dive right in, take a look at loft, sweep2 and extrude in the help file. That should get you started.
HTH, Jakob
Edit: Didn’t see your reply @TomTom - sorry for the similar post!