Watercolor Splotches Inspired by Tyler Hobbs

Was recently reviewing another topic on Tyler Hobb’s Flow lines artworks and stumbled across another post of his on generative watercolor splotches.

A Guide to Simulating Watercolor Paint with Generative Art — Tyler Hobbs (tylerxhobbs.com)

I recreated the script in grasshopper per his description - recursively adding points to an initial polygon, moving them randomly within a range of angle and magnitude and redrawing. Areas of fine vs. blurred detail are created by scaling the magnitude of the point movement vector within similar regions of the perimeter.

The polygons are drawn into planar surfaces with randomly scattered circular holes to create variations in opacity when mostly transparent layers are stacked on top of each other. Also, if layers from different splotches are alternated, it creates a nice color blending effect.

Looking forward to iterating on and implementing this tool in creating new procedural artworks and patterns!


Beautiful! Watercolor is just a good invention.

Have you tried Rebelle? Likely it uses similar simulations to create watercolor art like this, I’d love to see a form of implementation in Rhino to make things more splashy!


It could be done


Okay, your post is soo interesting, making myself thinking of next level possibilities!

And also this one if you want to export texture

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This is Gold! Thank you for sharing this.

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