Creating a mesh from points derived from image sampling

Hello! Just getting started on grasshopper and would love some guidance.

The extent of what I am trying to do is to interpret the ink painting I made into a 3d mesh object then 3d print it.

My assumption was that I could create an array of points, derive Z value of points from image sampling the ink print that I made determined by the shade of gray within the paintings, then connect these points to generate a mesh object.

I followed some youtube tutorials to get me to where I am, but I am stuck trying to figure out
first, how to filter out all points that exist at z=0 so that I can only have all the points that reflect the ink print
and second to then figure out how to connect these points to form a mesh.

Thank you! Print to 3d (2.7 MB)

Sorry if the image is not super legible, I could not figure out a way to make these read better.

Iā€™m kind of guessing at what you want here. Is this painting supposed to be black and white with no gray? There are also a number of little splotches; are they meant to be printed, or are they artifacts? I got rid of some by smoothing. BTW, also used a Split Mesh with Plane component that I got from who knows where, who knows when.

Print to 3d (1.3 MB)

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Yes that seems very close to what I was envisioning and I have envisioned the small blotches to be removed as well. I was hoping to maybe use the brightness value to create different elevations for different shades of black. So White would be z=0 gray would be z=50 and black z=100 some where along those lines. Also to perhaps be able to control the scale and range of these z=values so that I can control the degree much each point is exaggerated!

Thank you so much for your help!