Wasp help no valid plane for connection


I keep getting an error when trying to establish a the center points and curves for the connection direction component in WASP and would appreciate if someone could help me. I have tried this algorithm with simple form and can make it work. But it doesnt seem to function with the dodecahedron. I keep getting the error message ‘no valid plane for connections’.

Image attached.

Hi there, I came across this post whilst searching for an answer for the same problem today. Not sure if you still need help but here is my story:
I internalized my geometry data in grasshopper as a habit but when I tried to simply reference the geometry without internalizing it, wasp works. And that’s it.

I am facing the same problem. Please let us know the solution. Thanks.

is there any solution to this?

Yes, if the connection generation from Line does not work, the solution if to manually create the plane in Grasshopper, and then use the ConnectionFromPlane component to create the connection.

Try meshing the geometry that you are creating connections on top of, that worked with me

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