Wasp aggregation problem

Hi, I’m new to graph-based modeling. I’ve started working with wasp plugin, I checked tutorial files attached and I have some issues with my script. I’d like to populate two kind of moudles. To do the aggregation to my final modules I simplified geometry to the triangle-shaped ones(third pic), it was not working with complex geometry, so I saved it as attribute.
The first problem is that I’d like my modules to be perpendicular to each other. The second problem appears that only one of my modules is arranged in aggregation process, the second one is not appearing. Anyone have any ideas and can help with the script? @ar0551
Script with intrenalised data and pics attached.

WASP_problem.gh (155.1 KB)

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Solved. the direction and set of text-rules did the trick. I’ve already tried it with different modules. Maybe someone’ll need it in the future. Code attached.

WASP_problem.gh (88.3 KB)