Generating Idiosyncratic Module Aggregation

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I am trying to create a system of aggregation with one module/unit/shape and using a flush surface to surface connection. The shape is a pyramid made up of equilateral triangles with a rectangular prism base. Shown below

Also shown, the types of connections possible

Using trial and error I have had mild success with creating shapes that can loop back on itself.

I have tried to look into grasshopper and the Wasp plugin but am struggling on how to proceed, attached is the rhino file with the example. Jewel Aggregation Example DA.3dm (1.2 MB)

The success I have had so far has relied on symmetry, but I think its possible to have asymmetrical connections.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

this discussion could help you.

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“Generating Idiosyncratic Module Aggregation”

which tech-bullshit generator did you use to create this one? :joy::rofl:


That would be 3 years in architecture school lol

I’ve been and taught at university and I know exactly what you mean… :slight_smile:

I think you need to work with change of basis transformation, if you not already doing it like this. You put a plane on the middle of each triangular face, and orient another part in different variations on top. For each triangular face there are 3 options possible. This needs to be repeated in recursion. In order to get variations you need to do a quick intersection check to find out if there is collision -> this probably needs to be optimised later on, by using a. a quick algorithm and b. by filtering potential colliders. Furthermore you need to think about how you can let it follow a form, because a random shape is no design. I would do everything from script. If you need concrete help feel free to post.

Well … I have a “similar” thingy that with a few changes in the code could serve your goal(s) better (but is done solely via C# code). (123.0 KB)


This plugin has 3D aggregation

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And just for the sake of the topic, another which does aggregations.
EDIT: I realize now you mentioned wasp in the original post.

Oh Fox as well (Aggregations are a hot topic it seems)

Hi @davezov000
what kind of problems are you having with Wasp? For what I can see, it should be quite simple to implement what you are trying to do. If you can post a file, I can take a look.