Warning message on installing latest service release

When installing the 7.14.22004.1001, 2022-01-04 service release candidate I got the following message:

Hi Jeremy -

Did that impact the rest of the installation procedure in any way?

Hi @wim,

No, the installation completed and I could open Rhino normally. I didn’t have time to check out safe mode, but I can try that this evening if that helps.


Thanks for the heads-up, Jeremy -

That won’t be necessary. So far, it appears that this is something that is neither reproducible nor widespread. Things happen…

I’ve installed around 140 seats of Rhino here and I see this about 5% of the time. It has no impact on the functionality of Rhino, but if I remember correctly, the shortcut for opening in safe mode is not added to the start menu. It’s never mattered to us, so I’ve never raised it as an issue.


I’ve just seen this installing the WIP. I’ll ask…

Turns out this is a known thing but so far no one knows what causes it…