Want to raise border over base and have border capped

My First design- jewelry pendant with solid back .9 mm and border raised an additional 1.2 mm.
I have been able to create the back and cap it- I have also been able to extrude the border curves 1.2 mm above the back - but I can not figure out how to cap the border now to make the border solid (not extruded curves.) See image.

If they are planar curves, use:
1- DupBorder and select the extruded curves
2- select the outer border and go to Surface>Planar Curves

If they are not coplanar I’d just use surface>Patch.

Hi Kirk - it would be much easier to help if you post a 3dm file with all the parts you are asking about.

Meantime, please see-



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Here is the 3dm file.
In the right view, you can see the height of the base and the height of the border. In the perspective view, you can see where the border edges are extruded but the border is not solid.
pendant.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hi Kirk - select all of the closed curves at once. In the Solid menu, use Extrude Planar Curve > Straight.

Please see the learning material I linked above - you’ll save a lot of time and angst.


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