Want to create a surface from curve perpendicular to y axis at the ends


I want to create a surface or brep from curve which is perpendicular to y axis at the ends .
extrude surface does a similar job but the surfaces are not uniformly thick
and also i need to do this for a set of curves in batches
please help
thank you in advance

There is a Srf param in your file that is not internalized.
It’s not clear to me what you mean by “perpendicular to y axis at the ends”?

Offset Curve and Offset Curve Loose work differently depending on which plane is supplied to their ‘P’ inputs. “Loose (L)” is not as well behaved as standard Offset Curve.

OFFSET SURFACE_2022Sep26a.gh (62.1 KB)

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I want to create guide profiles for different surfaces so that i an fabricate them
*I am creating a grid of lines with the required spacing and then projecting them to the surface (ref-img1)
*then I use grasshopper to create the required horizontal and vertical profile for laser cutting(ref-img2)
*but when I create a profiles using offset command the edges are not uniformly aligned along y axis soo that I can fit vertical profiles between them(ref-img3&4)
*extrude srf from the curve does not provide uniform thickness for the profile
please help…
thank you in advance…

OFFSET SURFACE_2022Sep27.gh (67.3 KB)

Is this what you want?

OFFSET SURFACE_2022Sep27 _Re.gh (124.1 KB)

Noo… the surface does not have uniform width it is intersecting at lot of points

Hey, check this out.

OFFSET SURFACE_2022Sep27 _Re.gh (132.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot !!!
this is exactly what I wanted :sweat_smile: