Wanna know what kind of software of it



i am working on the 3d jewellery piece. and wanna know what kind of software ?

(John Brock) #2

You’re going to have to post more specific questions to get any meaningful replies.

If you’re going through a prepared tutorial and have questions, it would be best to contact the tutorial author.
The thumbnail image you posted does not look familiar.

Good luck


that a multi-page .PDF thumbnail on Mac…

(not saying much… just clarifying what the thumbnail is :wink: )

maybe @Serafina_Hawng was meaning to upload an example .pdf?

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Could be.
Thanks for the clarification.
She does have a Mac Rhino license.


thanks. I found that on my MAC. I am working on my design and don’t know what kind of software should i place them so I ask here.


ok, thank for your advice. I am newcomer don’t know much about it .