Jewelry Design on Rhino?

I am looking to purchase a 3D design software for jewellery and hair accessories. I have heard Rhino is good for jewelry but don’t know anything about it.

  1. Do I need to purchase/ download additional apps and if so which ones do you recommend?
  2. Is it any good for fabric/ hair accessories? If so again do I need to purchase or download additional apps?
  3. What are the best training courses I can take for these too? Is there anywhere in Melbourne, Australia where I can go or people can come to me or what online training is available?

Look forward to any links or feedback so I can decide if I should proceed with the trial and start to use this program!

Thanks so much.

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There are additional apps you can use, but they’re not strictly necessary. I use Matrix (industry-leading jewelry plug-in) at my day job, but it’s thousands of dollars. But for a decade before working there, that I just used Rhino alone, after training myself with Dana Buscaglia’s textbook (she’s an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). There might be other books, but this one trained me well enough to get hired at a major jewelry manufacturer. Between the book and the hundreds of YouTube videos out there, you’d be set. I don’t think she’s updated it for Rhino 7 yet, but the Rhino 6 version will cover at least 98% of what you need to know. SubD tools for organic modeling are the major thing that will be left out of the Rhino 6 version, but there are plenty of videos on that already.

I don’t know Mz. Buscaglia and she’s not paying me to promote her work–but I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for her book.


Which on a Mac [as the OP categorised his question] is the only available choice, as all plugins apart from GH Peacock [and there are a few, some even free] are Windows only.



Ohhh this is so super helpful thank you so much. I have bought the book and will await its delivery! I love actually having a book instead of Trying to juggle looking up things online at the same time as using the program so this is fabulous. Thank you again. Fingers crossed I pick it up reasonably quickly!

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Ahhh really? That surprises me as Macs are often used for design! Thank you for the feedback.
Good to know too :slight_smile:

There are a number of new tutorials coming out for Rhino 7 and jewelry. These can be done in the Mac Version. Here are a few:


Oh wow these are fab! Thank you so much! I will watch these over the coming days :slight_smile:

Here are more:

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I was little confused about taking training on Rhino jewelry course. But after reading your suggestions I am cleared.
Thank you very much…

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My Rhino 7.0 for Jewelry books just came out. You can get them at but you need to search with the words Rhino 7.0 for Jewelry + Dana Buscaglia. The books are so new that you need to include my name in the search.
I made a Volume I that introduces Rhino 7.0 and covers basic tutorials on the Rhino workspace as well as creating designs and technical drawings - all 2-dimensional commands. Basic commands that you will need in 3-D.
Rhino 7.0 for Jewelry Volume II is all about 3-dimensional design and modeling.
You can get easy links to purchasing the books by going to my website: