Simple jewelry design with Rhino 5 for Mac

Watch the rest of the series here…


@BrianJ, should these videos be put under a label Tutorials or Videos & pinned at the top? Like User Guide with Tutorials. This way we don’t have to scroll to find these videos you are doing. Someone can go to Vimeo and watch them there, also, and find other Rhino for Mac specific videos.

I have a colleague new to Rhino for Mac and has never used windows Rhino, so she gets a bit frustrated watching Windows tutorials.

Just a thought

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First: I’ve been finding the various tuts Brian had done (both Mac and general) to be extremely informative. Having never seen Rhino prior to the Mac beta it’s helped a lot. The tools demoed in the jewelry tut were great to see used. The one on the logo on the rounded surface was excellent.

He goes at a decent speed and more importantly doesn’t make the mistakes my tuts do by assuming the viewer knows certain things.

What it underscores is that there’s probably a lot of tools you folks put in for a specific reason to sole some kind of specific problem, however unless you know they exist, and how to use them, but more importantly why, they’d remain unutilized. It’d be slick to have him walk through the toolset and go over the applications of the where’s and whys, even if it wasn’t Mac specific. He clearly knows the ins and ours of the tools.

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I agree, good idea. I seem end up using the same tools and don’t explore that much unless I see a tool utilized by a colleague or video.

Yup. I can see from that simple series that there’s a lot of times I’m doing stuff the hard way because I’m unaware of the techniques using other tools. I did sit through the entire video series that sassafras (or whoever) put up, the guy who does them is a hoot. It’s like Rhino with Bob Ross, but it’s pretty much the basic tools and doesn’t touch on the more advanced and undocumented in the online help tools. The little anims in the online help are great (when they exist) if you know what tools you need to use and why but just aren’t clear on the what order to do things in.

However if you don’t know what the tool name is, or that it’s there is a perfect application specific tool you need for the job at hand, but just aren’t aware of it.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to solve some issue the “hard” way, and after watching Brian’s few little specialty tools do in seconds what I’ve spent hours trying to do with the more basic tools it sort of underscores that I’m obviously viewing many things as a nail because the only tool I have is a hammer when I really need a adjustable 5/32" Conklin Frambulator inset retapper or something.

Another good example is the video he did with the stylized letter logo in the curved surface. The tear down and self intersection repair was excellent.

Good idea, I will hook that up here momentarily to help searching for tutorials.

I set up this page Rhino for Mac on Vimeo as a general landing point for Mac specific videos I’ll make, it might help and can be subscribed to.

Thanks for the accolades! One of my goals has been to make shorter videos so I tend to try and only cover a limited number of commands in any one tutorial. Let me know though if you have any ideas on sections of tools to go over. I bet a quick video on the UDT or deformation commands would be good. Most of my tutorial ideas come from helping users to be honest. I decided to design an earring only after getting inspired from a model made by Randy / @rhinorudi. His design was way better of course… I think he’s actually a jeweler!

HA ha, my wife is the actual goldsmith, I’m just a hack graphic designer that got prodded into learning Rhino. And I am very glad I was. I really enjoy it and all the people i have met indirectly on this discourse.

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I’m new to Rhino and found Brian James jewelry video to be extremely helpful. I copied the jewelry exercise through to rendering, with good results. However when I tried using the rendering tips on one of my old models, the results were not so great. I think more exercises in rendering other products with Rhino for MAC would be helpful.