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I am trying to run Wallacei that includes a specific simulation that requires a separate program to open to complete the simulation. When running standalone without Wallacei, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Additionally, an older version that I was previously using would open as a DOS window and that also seemed to work fine. Is this something that might pose as an issue? Additionally, might there be a work-around?


Update: I appear to be getting the issue:
“Solution exception:The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this.”
I read on another post that this warning might have to do with the way Wallacei refreshes the canvas?

Any support would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Niko,

the new version of Wallacei does not update the entire canvas anymore and only the components that are invovlded in the simulation. ( compnents that are being modifued by the genes aka sliders ). I may need more information to understand your problem better, how are you calling an external program ? is there a simple version of the file that I can run on my computer ?

Hey Milad,

Unfortunately, the script relies on some paid plugins. Would it be possible for me to show you over Zoom?


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