Wallacei to Unity workflow

Hi–I’m looking for some advice/resources for setting up a workflow from Wallacei to Unity:

  • Are there any tools available to call Wallacei from Rhino.Compute or does Wallacei have a separate API that can be called outside of the Rhino/Grasshopper environment?
  • If not, would you be able to suggest any evolutionary simulation libraries for C# or Python that could be used to develop a similar workflow to Wallacei inside a real-time development platform like Unity?

Much appreciated!


Hi Russo,

Wallacei does not have a separate API at the moment, but this is something that we are thinking to develop for future releases. I recommend you to do research on SPEA II (developed by Ziztler) and NSGA II algorithms (Developed by Deb et al). These two are the two most well known and widely used genetic algorithms. There are several resources available about these two algorithms.

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